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April 22 2017

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my internship boss was talking about how he had to work in a mail room to make ends meet during college where he “only made $6/hr” and

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16 years ago today 1 baseball 1 bird.

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April 21 2017

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Men’s clothes, right?

My 20 year old 6 foot something skinny beanpole brother is a size medium t-shirt.

My 71 year old 5 foot 8 average weight dad is a size medium t-shirt.

My uncle who is built like Captain freaking America is a size medium t-shirt.

I can wear a men’s size medium t-shirt.

Women’s clothes?

Depends on the phases of the moon, your star sign, and whether you’ve looked at a picture of a chicken recently.

What even.


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Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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